WALKING: The Best Exercise for Seniors

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Hippocrates is credited with saying” walking is man’s best medicine”. Even as little as 10 minutes of walking a day reaps benefits. Walking is free, spontaneous, no equipment needed and best of all we can walk all year long in our beautiful Hawaii weather. Walking is the easiest way to be active and it is also the exercise with the …

KupunaWiki Radio Show | Episode 165 LJ R. Duenas, Alzheimer’s Association

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We spoke with LJ R. Duenas, Executive Director of the Alzheimer’s Association who discussed the various programs offered for seniors diagnosed with the Alzheimer’s disease. He also shared the type of services available for families to get informed or prepare for their loved ones who suffer from this disease.

KupunaWiki Radio Show | Episode 163 Gregory R. Kim, Hawaii Help Is On The Way

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During this pandemic, Corporate Lawyer, Gregory R. Kim found the opportunity to serve kupuna and families in need by co-founding Hawaii Help Is On The Way alongside his generous team. He shared some of the free services provided by Hawaii Help Is On The Way such as food deliveries, assistance with medical appointments and so on.

KupunaWiki Radio Show | Episode 159 Christina Simmons and Jenny Ostlind, The YMCA of Honolulu

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Tune in as we speak with Christina Simmons and Jenny Ostlind from the YMCA of Honolulu and Windward location who will be sharing about the different chronic disease programs offered. They’ll also be discussing some of the online classes available in response to this Covid-19 pandemic.