Your Home, Your Long-Term Care and Your Legacy

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A person’s home can represent many things. More than just a place to live, a home provides security, comfort and potentially even a legacy that the owner can leave to loved ones. A person’s home is also frequently the person’s most valuable asset. While many people spend a significant amount of time and resources maintaining and protecting the home against …

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Important Estate Planning Tools

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“Estate planning” is difficult to define because it could mean something different for every individual.  As no two estates are exactly the same, no two estate plans can be identical. “Estate planning” is frequently a process that we follow to accomplish specific goals, such as avoiding probate, providing a system of asset management for individuals who need help, and saving …

Moving boxes can make my relocation easier?

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At first, it’s an interesting idea that a moving box can give you a more enjoyable and stress-free move.  However, once you take a closer look at the problems of moving with cardboard boxes, it’s quite clear.  Cardboard boxes must be purchased from a store, built with packing tape, and sealed with packing tape.  On top of that, cardboard gets …

Should I Use A Senior Relocation Company?

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Today, life environment became much better than before, and because of this, population of senior is being increase. With increasing senior people, the burden of children and family will be bigger. If mom and dad are still healthy, it’s alright, but when they need assistance to live, can you support them for years? Definitely, it will be burden for you. …

Steps Of Probate

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Original blog post and information found at Caring Transitions Blog. What Families Should Know: Steps of Probate This is the second in a series about probate. See our previous blog post to learn more. When it comes to the probate process, some states have adopted a Uniform Probate Code (UPC) and adhere to a general set of laws. Other states …