KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 23-0527 | Ty Tirpak, Ameriprise Financial Services Hō`ahu Pono Partners

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Ty Tirpak, Financial Advisor, from Ameriprise Financial Services Hō`ahu Pono Partners talks about the financial planning and investment management services they provide for kupuna, and the importance of planning for the long-term, medium-term, and short term given the current changes in the market due to inflation and interest rates, as well as some newly available types of investments and recent …

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 23-0513 | Michelle Tucker, 3D Wealth Advisors, Inc.

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Michelle Tucker, J.D., CFP®, CPA/PFS, Partner, and Co-Founder, 3D Wealth Advisors, Inc., discusses the financial planning services they provide, such as investment strategies, estate planning, tax planning and preparation, as well as the stages and requirements of retirement planning. 

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 23-0506 | Chris Freck, Island Reverse Mortgage

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Chris Freck, MBA, CMPS, Reverse Mortgage Specialist, from Island Reverse Mortgage discusses what a reverse mortgage is and how kupuna can use the equity in their home to supplement their income while they live at home, as well as the different types of reverse mortgages and services that are available. 

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 23-0429 | Dr. Theresa Wee, MD, Wee Wellness Center

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Dr. Theresa Wee, MD of the Wee Wellness Center talks about the importance of diet, exercise, and socialization for both physical health and mental health & well being for kupuna and their families and how this can be achieved through their events like Walk with a Doc, Craft with a Doc, Dance with a Doc, and Hike with a Doc.  

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 23-0422 | Peter Reyes, Catholic Charities Hawaii Benefits Enrollment Center

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Peter Reyes, Program Director, from Catholic Charities Hawaii’s Benefits Enrollment Center discusses the services they provide to assist Medicare recipients in applying for benefits and assistive services they may be eligible for to ensure that they have access to services they need to maintain their health and independence. This includes assistance in applying for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) services. …

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 23-0415 | Sanford Sasaki, Maluhia Adult Day Health Center

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Sanford Sasaki, Social Worker, from Maluhia Adult Day Health Center talks about how they achieve their goals of keeping their participants as healthy, happy, and independent as possible by providing a safe, supportive, and stimulating environment and providing support to families and/or caregivers by offering Nursing Services, Therapeutic Activities, Social Work Services, Dietetic Services, and Other Services.

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 23-0408 | Irma & David Bennett, SeniorHealth Medicare Plans

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Irma and David Bennett, Licensed Brokers, from SeniorHealth Medicare Plans talk about Medicare and the types of plans  and providers available as well as the process of determining which plan is best for each individual 65 years or older given their health, lifestyle, finances, etc.  

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 23-0401 | Deanna Cornelius, The Happy Bento

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Deanna Cornelius, MS, CNS, Nutritionist and CEO of The Happy Bento discusses tips for senior nutrition and how their nutritionist designed, chef-prepared meals delivered right to your door are perfect for families, seniors, hospice households, doctor-ordered meal plans and anyone wanting relief from dinner duty.  The Happy Bento, Eating Well Made Easy. 

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 23-0325 | Don Farmer, Wilson Care Group

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Don Farmer, Operations Director, of Wilson Care Group talks about the services provided by their three (3) sister companies, Wilson Homecare, Wilson Senior Living Kailua, and Be Well Hawaii Ohana with a focus on the level of care and community that can be found at Wilson Senior Living Kailua, their 22-bed Adult Residential Care Home Type II.   With Wilson Care …