KupunaWiki Radio | Episode 86 Warren F. Wong, MD Gerontology

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Warren F. Wong, MD is currently in his 2nd geriatrics career after retiring as a full time geriatrician. As an entrepreneur, Dr. Wong is now the Founder of MemoriesConnect, developer of the MemorC App in the iTunes store and the Medical Director at Sagely, Hawaii.

His profession first started in 1980 working at On Lok in San Francisco, a non-profit organization dedicated to the care of seniors. Dr. Wong designed the model of senior care for the Kaiser Permanente System and the Fellow Institute of Healthcare Improvement. Aside from the many accomplishments he is also certified with the Fellow American College of Physicians. With his expertise in gerontology, he developed the MemorC App that provides assistance to people with mild memory loss. MemorC App is a free app that can be found in the iTunes store, helping to reinforce memories through photo identification with the benefit of hand eye coordination stimulation activities.

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