KupunaWiki Radio | Episode 106 Scott Gardner, Scott Gardner & Co., LLC

Scott is the owner of Scott Gardner & Co., LLC and is a native of Oahu. He attended the University of Hawaii and studied health sciences. During his pursuit to become a nurse, Scott’s course was shifted to the Medicaid eligibility arena.

His older brother who lived in California had a vision that the hospitals in Hawaii needed an advocacy vendor to navigate their patients through the Medicaid application process. It was challenging, but Scott learned the ropes, built key relationships, and was instrumental in launching his brother’s Hawaii operations.

After five successful years under his brother, Scott decided to venture on a path of his own. In 2004, Scott realized that there was a great need for Medicaid eligibility in Hawaii’s nursing facilities. While the concept was new, he pioneered this new practice and created his niche in the Medicaid community.

Since then, Scott has grown from a one-man band to a full staff orchestra. Today, a majority of Hawaii’s hospitals contract his company’s services, including nursing facilities and individual families alike. His staff assists: New born infants, pregnant women, children, young adults, the disabled, and also the kupuna who require long-term care.