KupunaWiki Radio | Episode 83 Gary A. Powell The Caregiver Foundation

Gary A. Powell is currently the Executive Director of The Caregiver Foundation. With over 40 years of being in the business industry, 11 years were dedicated in financial services. Alongside the business industry, he held various positions as a teacher, landscaper, show producer, author, musician, retail store operator, sales manager,
counselor, and others. With the encouragement and support of his wife and family, Gary has been able to work toward his passion and be passionate about his work. He holds a National Guardian Certification, a LUTCF designation and several dementia care related designations.

Services that are provided through The Caregiver Foundation include providing daily money management services, managing Trusts and estates, providing care coordination for literally every aspect of life to serving as Trustee, Guardian and Conservator and working with individuals and their families through life, and death and estate distribution. Gary motivation is the opportunity to help others live life well.