Moving boxes can make my relocation easier?

At first, it’s an interesting idea that a moving box can give you a more enjoyable and stress-free move.  However, once you take a closer look at the problems of moving with cardboard boxes, it’s quite clear.  Cardboard boxes must be purchased from a store, built with packing tape, and sealed with packing tape.  On top of that, cardboard gets soggy when wet, bugs love it, boxes crush, then you have to break down your boxes and recycle them after your exhausting move.
BungoBox is a moving supply company who’s solution solves these common moving problems and more.  BungoBox rents plastic moving boxes by the week, which are delivered to your door for you or your mover to pack and move, once you’re unpacked at your new place, BungoBox picks the boxes back up.
BungoBoxes are durable, stackable and pre-assembled moving boxes.  You have the luxury of stacking your boxes on BungoWheels(custom dollies) up to 4 high, and simply wheel them around while you pack and move.  Since BungoBoxes are pre-assembled, you can fill your box and simply close the interlocking lid.  Not only will your valuables be better protected, but they’ll also be safe from the weather on move day.  BungoBox even includes a free label with every box to help you stay organized and unpack more efficiently.
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