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Over the past few years, professional organizers, home stagers and move managers have come to use the term “rightsizing” in place of the word “downsizing.” Typically they are referring to someone who is moving to a smaller home from a larger one. Yet, as only the experts at Caring Transitions® understand, rightsizing is much more than a euphemism for downsizing. Rightsizing is actually a specific process used to define one’s living space based on a set of established principles. When applied properly, the rightsized approach to living yields specific outcomes. These outcomes include a reduction of personal stress before and during a home transition, as well as improved assimilation to a new environment after transition.
At the turn of the millennium, Caring Transitions® Business Development Director, Nan Hayes defined the industry standard for rightsizing as follows:
1. Determine and define the new living space.
2. Reduce or modify home inventory as needed to accommodate space limitations, safety, personal preference and comfort.
3. Position “rightsized” inventory in the new space with the goal of accelerating assimilation through familiar settings.
As the nation’s largest and most trusted resource for residential relocations, Caring Transitions® has successfully applied the practice of “rightsizing” for over a decade to create or improve living environments for thousands of families. There are actually many more steps to the process so each of our employees are trained, vetted and insured to accommodate every client situation; whether moving an older adult to a senior community from a home brimming with accumulated goods, or managing a relocation for a busy executive, or supporting a family as they close the estate of a loved one.
Regardless of size and scope, each task begins with a “rightsizing” plan, and then the plan is tailored to meet each homeowner’s particular timeline, budget and personal situation. With the largest breadth of services available nationwide, Caring Transitions® not only helps families create and execute a rightsized relocation plan, but we also help liquidate excess belongings without having to hire a third party. All of Caring Transitions® professional estate sale and online auction services are provided in-house by our qualified, skilled, W-2 employees.
Are you planning to move yourself, a client or a loved on to a smaller space? Contact us for a free in-home digital estimate or to get more information on how to live rightsized today!And watch for the re-launch of our CT Online Auction website, coming soon!
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 Mahalo! My name is Steve Tokita, I along with my wife and best friend, Amanda, welcome you to Caring Transitions of Honolulu. Over the years, my family and I have personally experienced and seen many of our friends and family struggle during some of life’s most stressful and overwhelming times – such as a life changing illness, an unexpected relocation, a business or personal foreclosure, a divorce, the death of  a loved one or the changing needs of an aging parent.  This all lead to me starting our local Caring Transitions Ohana, a business uniquely focused on helping families cope with moving, downsizing and estate liquidations.
I was born and raised in Hawaii and understand the local culture and unique challenges of our local economy and we are committed to “Helping your Ohana with our Ohana.”  We promise to act as your compassionate onsite advocate, keeping your Familiy’s best interests at heart. Our focus is to minimize your stress by helping guide you through a challenging and often overwhelming time in your Ohana’s life. Contact us today and let us help you to get back in control of your lives again.