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Ameriprise Financial Services provides comprehensive financial advice, investment management, and insurance.

1) Our basic methodology for a Confident Retirement.
a) Covering the Essentials – will you have your day to day needs covered. Create a budget. What sources of income do I have. Social Security, Pension, Retirement accounts, rental income, annuities. What are your expenses- health insurance, housing, daily needs, etc. Estate Planning- Will, Trust, Power of Attorney, Advanced Health Care
Directive.Beneficiaries up to date on your accounts.
b) Ensuring Lifestyle – Can you do more than just cover the basics. Maybe a trip to Vegas (first class), splurge on the grandkids. Things like that.
c) Preparing for the Unexpected – usually the potential health concern.
d) Leaving a Legacy – Family, Charitable organizations, causes you care about.

2) Basic Distribution Strategy (bucketing). Conservative, Moderate, and aggressive buckets. The goal is to help minimize what is called the “Sequence of Returns Risk” while also remembering that you may need to grow your retirement assets to keep up with inflation and longer life expectancies.

3) Concrete example for legacy- It is this strategy called - Qualified Charitable Distributions. Age 70 & 1⁄2 you can start giving fundsdirectly from an IRA (individual retirement account) to qualified charities without including it in your taxable income. It can also be used to fulfill your required minimum distributions which just changed to start at age 72 instead of 70 & 1⁄2.

Ty became a fully licensed advisor in 2019 and has been with Ameriprise since 2018. Previously, Ty was an Auditor with a Public Accounting Firm. Ty has always enjoyed personal finance. He was the guy making budgets in my free time. Ty got into this profession because he thought it is something that he is passionate about that can also make a difference for others. It can be both a profession and a Calling. Ty currently maintain a Securities License, State of Hawaii Insurance License, and is a Non-Practicing CPA.

What makes Ty unique, and Ameriprise advisors in general, is that our primary focus is on financial planning. We feel the way we can best provide advice is to know your individual situation and act almost like your Primary Care Physician of finance.

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