When Is The Right Time To Downsize?

In the US, there are many senior people who downsize own lifestyle after retirement. Some of them
move to condo or retirement community from single family home. However, it is a little bit difficult to
decide to downsize. Some people cannot catch a good time to do it. We need some obvious triggers to
decide downsizing.
The one is basic way. After you retire your job and for a while, you may have some problems or
disadvantages in daily life. At that time, it is a good time to downsize. Maybe your home is not suitable
and not comfortable to live any more, and you should downsize your home. If you move to other place,
for example, condo or retirement home, you can spend more peaceful time, and also more comfortable
for you. Or, if you feel hard to manage your house by yourself, you can start thinking to downsize. Both
of them, there is a sign for downsizing.
Other trigger is, for instance, when partner passes away, or when children leave the nest. These are the
good time to decide to downsize too. These are kind of big happening in life, and maybe easy to become
big trigger to think about it. At the same time, these are obvious trigger, so you can make up your mind.
Contrary to it, if you cannot make up your mind, and downsize, it becomes difficult to catch a good time
to downsize more and more.
On the other hand, you can move out your home before you retire your job. This is a little bit strange,
but after years, you may have some physical problem or mental problem, so while you are still healthy,
you can do that as preparation for retirement life. If you do that, you can live affordable life in the
future, and you don’t have to have any anxiety of your future. This is important things to live senior life.
Actually, there is no right time to downsize. It is depends on the person, and after all, if you can convince
to downsize, it’s alright. Also, if you have question about downsize or hesitate to do it, you should
consult and discuss with downsize company. They will give helpful advice for you.
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