A Step by Step Guide to Life Planning

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We plan many, many things in our lives. We plan our day to day activities, we plan for when we can take our next vacation, we plan for Christmas presents, we plan for what we’ll eat for dinner, etc. Though all these plans are important, there’s one aspect of our lives that most of us don’t plan for enough. The …

Living In Isolation: How Can We Help?

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To those outside looking in on one’s life in isolation, not many understand the toll this could take on an individual, mentally and physically. While not all people who live alone suffer from depression or extreme loneliness, it is a possibility and is quite common among the elderly. Seeing a loved one who had a passing of a spouse or …

Senior Life Evaluations

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With time and age, life may become more and more unpredictable. These types of unwanted surprises can make retirement, your overall life and your families lives harder because of circumstances that were not foreseen. By doing simple life evaluations in multiple aspects of your life, you are able to make rational decisions about your future before certain circumstances make those …

The Realities of Caregiving

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Caregivers come from every walk of life, every economic spectrum.  Aging spouses caring for partners.  Children of aging parents.  Parents caring for disabled adult children.  Family members working to make sure other members are OK.  There are even juvenile caregivers caring for aging or disabled parents. Where you are on the journey called Caregiving is not so important.  What is …

Rightsized Living® with Caring Transitions®

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Over the past few years, professional organizers, home stagers and move managers have come to use the term “rightsizing” in place of the word “downsizing.” Typically they are referring to someone who is moving to a smaller home from a larger one. Yet, as only the experts at Caring Transitions® understand, rightsizing is much more than a euphemism for downsizing. …

“But I Might Need It One Day!”

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In professional organizer Peter Walsh’s book, It’s All Too Much:  A Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff, he has a chapter entitled “Excuses, Excuses.” Walsh details a variety of standard excuses people use to retain clutter (and ultimately a state of disorganization). He begins the chapter with some interesting insight: “Everything in your home is there …

“A Reverse Mortgage? No–I don’t think so!”

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That’s what I said to a concerned friend who suggested I look into a reverse mortgage for my parents. She had heard that I was looking for a way to finance in-home health care services for my mom and dad. My parents suffered strokes a year apart from each other. They needed 24-hour care and were living in an adult …

Upcoming KupunaWiki Class

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