KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 23-0916 | Vance Yamamoto, RN, Nursing Home Partners

Vance Yamamoto, RN, CEN, CSA, Co-Founder, Nursing Home Partners, talks about how their team of Registered Nurses, Medical Doctors, Licensed Social Workers and Case Managers provides extensive and personalized nursing home placement services as well as about what the process is in finding the best nursing home to meet a Client’s needs now and for the long-term:  1.  Gathering information from the family about what is going and on, and what the Client’s needs are. 2. Meeting the Client to make an assessment of their medical condition and what services they will require (over the long-term) to determine the best placement for them.  The goal of any placement is have the Client be able to age in one place and not to have to move them.  However, there may be times when another placement is necessary, such as when there are:  1. An increasing level of care (due to decline in health, mobility, etc.), 2. Behavioral issues (mental illness, dementia, Alzheimer’s, etc.), or 3. Affordability issues.  Nursing Home Partners works with caregivers and families to find the best solution for their Clients’ needs.