Ethan R. Okura

Ethan Okura, Okura & Associates

Big dreams from a boy born on the big island of Hilo, Ethan R. Okura originally wanted to be an astronaut, like Ellison Onizuka (also a Big Island boy). However, he decided to get his head out of the clouds and decided to help people in his home state by pursuing law. He graduated from Columbia Law school in 2002 and started his practice at a large firm in NYC. Today, he is currently the President of Okura & Associates Estate Planning Attorneys, a local, family-based business since 1982, started by his father and is the managing attorney of the firm. Okura has enjoyed several successful appeals to negative Medicaid determinations for his clients and continues to serve those within the community to achieve peace of mind with their affairs.
Education and Experience:
  • Graduated from Columbia Law School
  • Member of the New York City Bar Association
  • Member of the Hawaii Bar Association
  • Board of the Elder Law Section of the Hawaii Bar Association
Okura & Associates
  • Creative in their approach to estate planning, Okura & Associates offers all of the basic estate planning services that anyone else does, however they are able to customize their offerings for their clients who have specific needs. They offer peace of mind, working hard for their clients and helping them with anything from a simple will and Power of Attorney, to various kinds of trusts -revocable and irrevocable, setting up businesses like LLCs, Corporations, and Partnerships, planning to reduce taxes, helping people qualify for Medicaid to pay for their nursing home costs while saving their home or somet money, and protecting client’s assets from lawsuits, creditors, divorce and other threats.

Contact Information:

  • Ethan R. Okura
  • Okura & Associates, Real Estate Planning Attorneys
  • Address: 1314 S. King St, Ste 760, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
  • Website:
  • Tel: 808-593-8885
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