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  • Thomas A. Rulon has worked with thousands of older clients in the past 40 years doing estate planning and elder law and remains dedicated to helping them solve the long-term care planning issues brought with age. Tom is a member of the Life Care Planning Law Firm Association, ElderCounsel, the Hawaii Estate Planning Council, and a fellow of the American College of Trust and Estate Counsel. He is an author and frequent lecturer on estate planning, trust and elder law, and previously hosted a call-in radio program on estate planning. He has served on the boards of many local charitable organizations and is currently serving as president of the National Christian Foundation Hawaii. Tom is a Vietnam veteran who served with the United States Marine Corps.
  • Laurie T.S. Adamshickis an elder law attorney and partner in the specialized Life Care Planning law firm of Rulon & Adamshick located in Honolulu. Her law practice focuses on comprehensive Life Care Planning to help elders and families manage the legal, financial and personal care challenges that come with a loved one’s advanced age. Laurie is on the Board of Directors of the Hawaii Pacific Gerontological Society and Kokua Mau, and is a past Director of Hawaii Women Lawyers. She is a Veterans Administration accredited attorney and a member of ElderCounsel, the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, and the Hawaii Estate Planning Council.

Why Elder Law?

  • Tom chose elder law out of concern for his aging clients and the desire to help them find, get and pay for good care. As an estate planning attorney for many decades, Tom has pretty much seen it all: From the best cases where elderly clients planned early for their old age, nurtured open communication with their children and family members and made smooth transitions to long-term care, to the worst cases where the combination of a devastating health event and a failure to plan created emotional turmoil, great financial anxiety and overwhelming confusion over choosing the right path for care. Many years ago he became determined to adopt an innovative approach to elder law that puts the focus on getting good care for aging and often infirm clients. His transition to life care planning has changed the outlook of his clients and their families who know that a plan is in place and Tom is only a phone call away.
  • Laurie chose elder law because of her personal empathy for families struggling with caring for one or more aging parents. The experience of setting aside several years of her own life to take care of her parents affected her profoundly and gave her valuable insight. She was running her own business at the time and, together with her husband, raising her 2-year old daughter when a phone call plunged her into the long-term care maze. Her father’s leukemia followed by her mother’s subsequent stroke quickly changed the focus of her life as she assumed the role of primary caregiver and advocate. As the demands of this new job grew, she sold her business to have the time to address her parents’ increasing needs. Often overwhelmed, exhausted, suffering bouts of distress over not having time for her daughter and husband and the conflicting emotions that accompany caring for a frail parent, she came away with a deep conviction that families entering the long-term care maze have an acute need for access to experienced elder care navigators. From the perspective of a former family caregiver, Laurie has found that the life care planning solution answers that need. Her older clients and their families who continue to renew their engagement of Laurie agree.

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