KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 22-1224 | Martin Arinaga, Chinen&Arinaga Financial Group

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Martin Arinaga CFP® ChFC, Senior Vice President, from Chinen&Arinaga Financial Group, talks about the services they provide such as Cashflow Management, Retirement Planning, Education Funding, Asset Management, Tax Planning, Estate Planning, Life & Long Term Care Insurance, as well as the Top Fears in Retirement, and Understanding Pension Benefit Options.

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 22-1217 | Kelley Tom, Summit Financial Advisors

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Kelley Tom, President, Certified Financial Planner of Summit Financial Advisors discusses the services they provide such as Retirement Planning, Tax Strategies, Social Security Strategies, Investment Management, and Insurance Analysis.  No one strategy fits everyone, which is why every client gets their undivided attention—from planning to execution to follow-up. They take a proactive approach to helping you develop a strategy to …

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 22-1210 | Travis Tsukayama, Andrews Advisory Associates, LLC

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Travis Tsukayama, Certified Financial Planner and Co-owner, Director of Investment Management of Andrews Advisory Associates, LLC talks about the Investment Management, Retirement planning, tax planning, holistic financial planning services they provide as well as the three (3) things that are important in retirement planning:  1. When you have a plan in place, you are less likely to be affected by …

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 22-1203 | Gayvial D. James, Taxpayer Advocate Service

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Gayvial D. James, Local Taxpayer Advocate for Hawaii & Pacific US Territories from the Taxpayer Advocate Service discusses the services that their office provides as “Your Voice at the IRS” to help kupuna with their tax issues when they have exhausted the normal channels at the Internal Revenue Service and have nowhere else to turn to get assistance in resolving …

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 22-1126 | Sgt. Chris Kim, Honolulu Police Department

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Sgt. Chris Kim, CrimeStoppers Coordinator for the Honolulu Police Department, talks about CrimeStoppers and the resources available to the community as well as offering tips on how to help kupuna from becoming victims of crimes such as assaults, home invasions, telephone scams, and romance scams and what to do if they notice suspicious activity or a crime taking place.  

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 22-1119 | Norma Kop, SMP Hawaii

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Norma Kop, SMP Hawaii Director from the Hawaii Department of Health Executive Office on Aging, talks about the services that Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) Hawaii provides to help kupuna and their families to prevent, detect and report Medicare fraud, errors and abuse as well other types of scams such as Social Security, investments, romance, etc. 

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 22-1112 | Capt. Cris Bartolome & Fire Inspector Thomas Inouye, Honolulu Fire Department

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Capt. Cris Bartolome & Fire Inspector Thomas Inouye from the Community Relations Office of the Honolulu Fire Department talk about fire and fall prevention safety practices to help prevent kupuna deaths and injuries, as well as give fire safety tips on kitchen & cooking safety, housekeeping, medical oxygen, and more.  

KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 22-1029 | Harrison Peters, Aged to Perfection

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Harrison Peters, Executive Director, of Aged to Perfection Senior Day Services talks about how they have been changing the landscape of adult day services for over forty (40) years with  some of the longest hours and days of operation and the lowest staff to senior ratio of any adult day care center in the state.   Aged to Perfection has a …