KupunaWiki Radio Show Episode 23-0506 | Chris Freck, Island Reverse Mortgage

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Chris Freck, MBA, CMPS, Reverse Mortgage Specialist, from Island Reverse Mortgage discusses what a reverse mortgage is and how kupuna can use the equity in their home to supplement their income while they live at home, as well as the different types of reverse mortgages and services that are available. 

KupunaWiki Radio | Episode 94 Mark T. Tsuda ‘Ilima at Leihano

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Join in as we speak with Executive Director, Mark T. Tsuda of ‘Ilima at Lehano about the services offered to the Kupuna community. ‘Ilima at Leihano provides independent living, assisted living, and memory care service. They also offer services such as resort style meals, weekly house-keeping, transportation, maintenance, etc. As Mark says “you will never have to buy a light …

KupunaWiki Radio | Episode 93 Wendy Oshiro Reverse Mortgage Specialist

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Join in as we speak with Senior Reverse Mortgage Officer, Wendy Oshiro as she shares her expertise about funding options for seniors and their families. With over a decade of service in educating our kupuna and their families about reverse mortgages, Wendy earned the Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional designation in 2019. Stay tuned for additional information about the qualifications in …

Should I Use a Reverse Mortgage To Help Supplement My Retirement Income?

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Many people have anxiety of retirement life especially about income. Retirement life is not always free from financial problems. Some people wonder if they can survive by the income of their annual pension alone. Retirement people tend to that they have own their house, but be tight on their money. It is the difference between senior people and active workers. Therefore, …