The Realities of Caregiving

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Caregivers come from every walk of life, every economic spectrum.  Aging spouses caring for partners.  Children of aging parents.  Parents caring for disabled adult children.  Family members working to make sure other members are OK.  There are even juvenile caregivers caring for aging or disabled parents. Where you are on the journey called Caregiving is not so important.  What is … Read More

Rightsized Living® with Caring Transitions®

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Over the past few years, professional organizers, home stagers and move managers have come to use the term “rightsizing” in place of the word “downsizing.” Typically they are referring to someone who is moving to a smaller home from a larger one. Yet, as only the experts at Caring Transitions® understand, rightsizing is much more than a euphemism for downsizing. … Read More

“Loss Aversion”: Why We Collect Clutter

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Many seniors are troubled by the clutter in their lives. They try to declutter. They try to downsize. But they feel like they never make any headway in the process. Here’s why: they are being stopped up by “loss aversion”. In his article, “5 Common Mental Errors That Sway You From Making Good Decisions”,productivity expert James Clear outlines how “loss … Read More

Age Friendly Housing

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The Aging in place market is characterized by the needs and wants that develop from how people age. While no one can escape the effects of aging, everyone ages differently based on their genetic make-up, lifestyle, and environment. Aging in place is the ability to live in your home or community of choice as long as you can with the … Read More

Senior Housing Options

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Many adults find the responsibility of owning a home difficult to manage as they get older. They want to remain living in their community, but in an environment that can support their individual needs and abilities. Looking for housing options for you, an aging parent, relative, or friend? Do some research first to determine what kind of assistance or living … Read More

Moving boxes can make my relocation easier?

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At first, it’s an interesting idea that a moving box can give you a more enjoyable and stress-free move.  However, once you take a closer look at the problems of moving with cardboard boxes, it’s quite clear.  Cardboard boxes must be purchased from a store, built with packing tape, and sealed with packing tape.  On top of that, cardboard gets … Read More

Should I Move Into A Retirement Home?

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A Happy Family : A Old Couple And Their Children

Today, there are many ways of living after the retirement, moving to countryside, living in foreign country, staying at hometown….As one of them people can choose a retirement home, and living in a retirement home is becoming major style now. However, people might think about should I move into a retirement home? And also, why? Because, living in there provides … Read More