WALKING: The Best Exercise for Seniors

Hippocrates is credited with saying” walking is man’s best medicine”. Even as little as 10 minutes of walking a day reaps benefits. Walking is free, spontaneous, no equipment needed and best of all we can walk all year long in our beautiful Hawaii weather. Walking is the easiest way to be active and it is also the exercise with the lowest dropout rate. Children learn how to walk at an early age, so make it a point to walk with your grandchildren. By walking with our grandchildren, we are not only helping ourselves, but also instilling good lifetime habits to them.

Walking is a fun and easy way to get everyone spending quality time together. It also helps to control weight gain, maintains healthy bones and muscles, reduces stress and anxiety, increases memory and concentration, helps everyone sleep better at night plus many more benefits. Walking will not only make positive physical changes, but it will also keep you energized, refreshed and happy.

When walking, remember to always start slow. By keeping the pace slower, you make time to explore nature. Vary the walking route to keep it interesting for everyone. Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself with hills and steps, as small bursts of intensity are beneficial to your body. Start a challenge and get everyone inexpensive pedometer to see who can walk the most steps daily.

So, as we start this new decade, stop finding excuses and make a resolution today to start walking. Remember, even 10 minutes a day can reap many benefits, so take that first step towards better health.

Your journey can start by joining me at Walk with a Doc- Oahu” EVERY Saturday (rain or shine) at the Patsy T. Mink Central Oahu Regional Park, near the tennis courts, for one hour of fun, education and exercise. It is free and all ages and fitness levels are welcomed. I start with a new health tip every week, stretches, walking for 45 minutes and then a cool down with fruit refreshments and water.
Come join our walking ohana.

If you would like further information, please go the free web site “health.gov” and check out the “Move Your Way Campaign- What’s your move” for more ideas.
Dr. Theresa Wee