KupunaWiki Radio | Episode 89 Eileen Paulo-Chrisco Author of Pain Free Everyday

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Join in as we speak with the COO of The Fascianator, Eileen Paulo-Chrisco about her new book Pain Free Everyday. Pain Free Everyday made #1 Best Seller in three different e-book categories: Physical Medicine and Rehab; Injuries and Rehab, and Massage. Eileen is a Certified Personal Trainer of thirteen years, Corrective Exercise Specialist and a Founding Member of The Fascia Research Society.

Eileen first began her profession by wanting to make a more immediate impact on people’s lives and with 18 years as a medical and pharmaceutical researcher, she continues to influence the active senior population by the achievements of perpetuating the fascial care movement around the globe.

Her husband, Anthony Chrisco, creator of the The Fascianator, brought her motivation to begin training people how to work out, move, and eat better to improve their energy levels, confidence, and quality of life. Her husband’s clientele was typically older or cases of people with mobility issues where she saw that people didn’t need to rely on long-term use of pain medicine or even surgery to free themselves of their pain and restrictions.

Eileen’s active lifestyle continues alongside her husband, 16 year old son, 13 year old daughter, and six year old dog, who all enjoy being active. “We like to hike, go to the beach, and roam the clean streets of Japan looking for the next great meal!”

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