Modify Home Before We Need Assistance

Original blog post and information found at Caring Transitions Blog.
Some people is thinking about to modify their own home to prepare when they need assistance for future. By the way, what can I do to do it now? Even if construct for barrier free now, maybe you don’t need it. It is difficult to expect image of your future, so it sometimes confused. I merged some advice for senior people what they can do to modify their home so that they can live there even when they need assistance.
Firstly, you should make clear the image after modification. It depends on each life style, so you should think about own life pattern. For example, the restroom should place near or next to bedroom, because when you become old, you will have a weak bladder. Also, sliding door is better than hinged door. This is the basic construction for barrier free. However, you don’t have to construct completely now. Eliminating difference in level on the floor, or on the sidelines of constructing change the wall paper, put arm rails….Important thing is preparation.
At the same time, you have to save your money. Some people may worry about it. The effective way is to take out the insurance for construction, and when you construct for barrier free, you will be able to receive the money. While your health is still good, you should save your money as much as possible. It is important except construction. Even if you put arm rails, it makes no sense if you don’t use it. Actually, there many people who waste money for construct which is not necessary. You have to consider about it deeply.
Why don’t you construct to be universal design if you construct for barrier free? Universal design means that regardless of whether have handicap or not, regardless of age or gender, everyone can use easily and comfortably. If you change your home to be universal design, your home will be place that gather children, grandchildren, neighbor, and everyone. Also, in the future, when you need assistance, both your assistant and you can use and live easily. Universal design was thought in recent, so you are less familiar with it, but you should incorporate such as new way of thinking and design. Construction can be not only for barrier free but universal design.
Modification or Construction can say simply, but there are some necessities of preparations. To continue to keep living own home, you should think about what you can do from now.
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