Getting Your Affairs in Order

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Stickman Illustration of a Caregiver Assisting Elderly Patients

Do you have your affairs in order? Does someone know where your important documents are? Do your loved ones know what your last wishes are should something unexpected and tragic happen to you? There are many sad stories about people passing unexpectedly and not one person in the family knows what that person’s wishes were. Nor anything about their paperwork. … Read More

How to Plan Ahead for Long-Term Care

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Senior woman in a nursing home with a caring nurse.

It can be difficult and frightening to plan for your or your loved one’s long-term care, especially when there is currently no signs of needing care. Many people adopt an out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality to care planning, only seeking help when immediate solutions are necessary. However, last-minute organization can be detrimental to you and your loved ones, causing stress and frustration, … Read More

A Step by Step Guide to Life Planning

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We plan many, many things in our lives. We plan our day to day activities, we plan for when we can take our next vacation, we plan for Christmas presents, we plan for what we’ll eat for dinner, etc. Though all these plans are important, there’s one aspect of our lives that most of us don’t plan for enough. The … Read More

Living In Isolation: How Can We Help?

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Old man lonely in a big empty house

To those outside looking in on one’s life in isolation, not many understand the toll this could take on an individual, mentally and physically. While not all people who live alone suffer from depression or extreme loneliness, it is a possibility and is quite common among the elderly. Seeing a loved one who had a passing of a spouse or … Read More

Senior Life Evaluations

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happy retirement

With time and age, life may become more and more unpredictable. These types of unwanted surprises can make retirement, your overall life and your families lives harder because of circumstances that were not foreseen. By doing simple life evaluations in multiple aspects of your life, you are able to make rational decisions about your future before certain circumstances make those … Read More