KupunaWiki Radio | Episode 100 Kanani Makaimoku

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We talked with Kanani Makaimoku, attorney at Sterling & Tucker on the importance of a living trust and recommendations to better prepare you for your estate needs. Stay tuned as we share a common scenario that involve frequently asked questions and awareness that it’s never too early to start planning for your future.

KupunaWiki Radio | Episode 93 Wendy Oshiro Reverse Mortgage Specialist

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Join in as we speak with Senior Reverse Mortgage Officer, Wendy Oshiro as she shares her expertise about funding options for seniors and their families. With over a decade of service in educating our kupuna and their families about reverse mortgages, Wendy earned the Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional designation in 2019. Stay tuned for additional information about the qualifications in …

KupunaWiki Radio | Episode 68 Carleen MacKay “New Workforce Hawaii”

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Carleen MacKay Join us as we chat with Carleen MacKay, Emergent Workforce Expert. Carleen is a nationally recognized keynoter, author, panelist and new product and service developer for individuals and organizations in all sectors of the economy. She specializes in helping all generations understand the emergent 21st century workplace and adjust their planning to meet the demands of a structural …

KupunaWiki Radio | Episode 66 Walton Liu “Attorney at Law”

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Walton Liu- Attorney at Law Join us as we chat with Walton Liu, Attorney at Law. Walton has many years of experience in the sale and purchase of homes and investment properties. Tune in as Walton explains the importance of 1031 Exchanges and provides valuable insight from his background as a former CPA.

KupunaWiki Radio | Episode 64 Kathy Muneno “KHON2 Kupuna Life”

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Kathy Muneno “KHON2 Kupuna Life” Join us as we get to know Kathy Muneno, a veteran news anchor with over 25 years of experience in Hawaii.  Kathy has worked at KHON2 since 2007, and she has also written and produced award-winning specials.  One of the programs she is especially passionate about is Kupuna Life, a KHON2 segment that focuses on …